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kitchen counter stools: some helpful information when ordering bar stools

* Kitchen bar or counter stools are normally used at a standard counter or island of approximately 36" in height. The corresponding stool seat height is generally 24" tall to work with that 36" surface. The height relationship between table top surface and seat height is most always approximately 12 inches. Therefore a tall bar at 42" height should use a 30" seat height stool.  This is generally accepted as standard.

* Occasionally some manufacturers will make a 26" stool to try and accommodate a short counter top and a tall bars with the same item. However, it is a better match using the 24" and 30" height for the respective two standard counter and tall barstool heights.

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Examples of 24" Kitchen Counter Bar Stools

SW24-SML_Coffee_Cup.JPG (72768 bytes)
Coffee Cup Swivel

SW124-W.JPG (58182 bytes)
Barstool - Westminster

SW124-AL_Daisy.JPG (85852 bytes)
Flowers  / Art

Neoclassic Bar Stool
Neoclassic Swivel

SW224-SML.JPG (51628 bytes)
Sun and Moon Stools

* Our swivel kitchen bar stools use  a memory return swivel that rotates 180 degrees. This is plenty of movement to afford easy access to the stool and keeps the back from hitting the counter top. Also, the memory return swivel permits the swivel to return to a centered position which is a very nice feature. This may not be a problem for you but do keep in mind when ordering. 

* Some modern bars are made at an extra tall height of 48". These require an extra tall stool. A standard 30" stool will not work at these bars. Don't worry, we have you covered there. . .  

Extra Tall Stools - Several Selections

* Use these measurement to be sure of what stool height you need. There is generally up to a plus or minus 2 inch acceptable difference on the table surface height to still accommodate the respective barstools.

At barstools inc. we have one product. . .barstools. Our product line includes wrought iron, metal and wood barstools for any home or commercial environment. We also have many styles and sizes of casual barstools for the gaming and recreational area. Items available include 24" counter stools, billiards spectator chairs, or that unique rec-area stool. And we don't just offer a couple of styles. You can pick from an array of designer finishes combined with a color coordinated fabric to accommodate and invigorate any decor or living space. Now you can have high quality, high style and a custom look all at affordable prices.

Shipping Costs: Shipping charges for the barstools are vary by the item based on weight and size. We use Fed Ex ground and UPS ground services exclusively for bar stools. US Priority mail is used for parts such as swivels.

High Style is the standard at