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Memory Return Replacement Swivels

Bar Stool Swivel is Fully Adjustable

Adjustable 3 degree pitch bat stool swivel with memory return mechanism 

7" x 7" x 7/8" Tall  - Flat
Return bar stool swivel with motion
bottom view

Meory return bar stool swivel side view
Side View

This flat memory return replacement swivel is 7" square with a mounting-hole pattern of 51/8" to 5 3/4 " on centers. Slotted holes allows for a wide range for hole patterns to work. Swivel return spring tension is fully adjustable to provide a stiff or an easy moving swivel mechanism. 

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Use any standard wrench to customize your swivel tension.
Swivel spring can be adjusted with 9/16" box end, open end or socket wrench. Mount the swivel with the bolt facing downward for complete access to the spring adjustment mechanism after installation.

All our swivels are made in the U.S.A. and have steel races and hardened ball bearings.

Memory Return Swivel Operation

A memory return swivel is one that returns to the center position when moved to either side. Generally they afford 180 degrees range of motion , 90 degrees left and right ad then return so that the bar stool seat and back return to their center position automatically upon release. This creates a nice ordered look when using multiple stools at a kitchen counter or a bar.

 Generally speaking from a durability point of view due to the constant motion and wear, bar stools made with solid steel ball bearings, races and components have far greater durability than swivels with nylon spacers and races. All of our swivels have solid steel parts throughout and are made in the USA.

Swivel Mechanism with 3 Degree Pitch   

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