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Memory Return Replacement Swivels

Black Finished Memory Return Swivel

memory return bar stool swivel black

Bottom View - Note Tension Adjustment Nut
bottom view of black memory return swivel

Side View of Swivel
black return swivel side view


We keep several different style memory return swivels. It measure 7" x 7" in size and is 1" thick. This type has a smooth black painted finish. It swivels freely 90 degrees in either direction and returns to the center position automatically. The hole width accommodates a center to center size of 5" min. to 5 7/8".

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Bar Stool Swivel is Fully Adjustable
plain finish

Adjustable 3 degree pitch bat stool swivel with memory return mechanism 

7" x 7" x 7/8" Tall  - Flat
Return bar stool swivel with motion
bottom view

Meory return bar stool swivel side view
Side View

This flat memory return replacement swivel is 7" square with a mounting-hole pattern of  5" min. to 5 7/8" max on centers. Slotted holes allow for a wide range for hole patterns to work. Swivel return spring tension is fully adjustable to provide a stiff or an easy moving swivel mechanism. 

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25-49 , 10% Discount
50 or more , 15% Discount

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Swivel Mechanism with 3 Degree Pitch   

 standard swivel non-return 

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