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Bar Stool Swivels

Steel Ball Bearing Mechanisms

Memory Return and Standard Swivel Below

Return Swivel Mechanism

7" x 7" - flat , Memory Return
All metal memory return swivel
Bottom View of Swivel Mechanism

7" square with a mounting-hole pattern of 5.25" - 5 .75" on center.
memory return swivels

3 Degree Tilt Swivel Mechanism

7" x 7" - Memory Return w/ 3 degree pitch
3 degree swivel mechanism with all metal ball beraing construction
Bottom View
7" square with a mounting-hole pattern of 5.25" - 5 .75" on center.

3 degree return swivels

STANDARD , NON-RETURN Bar Stool Swivels 
7" x 7" x 3/4" Tall  - Standard Flat
Flat standard swivel mechanism with metal ball bearings
replacement bar stool swivels and mechanisms
This style of chair swivels is used on all of our manufactured wrought iron, swivel, backless bar stools

Our Non-Return bar stool swivels rotate 360 degrees on 12 smooth-gliding carbon-grade steel ball bearings in a patented raceway. Our non-return swivels are available as flat with no pitch.

These styles of bar stool swivels are used on our wrought iron, swivel bar stools with backs. 
Our Memory-Return bar stool swivels rotate 90 degrees to the left or right on 12 smooth-gliding carbon-steel ball bearing bar stool and chair mechanisms in a patented raceway. When the seat is unoccupied, the mechanism automatically swivels to return to the zero-degree position, with its advanced spring technology. This swivel is fully adjustable and can be tightened to any desired stiffness or return rate with the turn of one bolt.

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Whether you are in the market for our seating or for replacement components for your existing seats, we offer Standard swivels and Memory Return units that are made in the USA, fully warranted against manufacturing defects for one year from date of purchase. We offer the best made units in the business, engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards of quality and durability.

If you need replacement swivel mechanisms , we have got just what you need.
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The 12-gauge Hot Roll steel plates of all of our flat mechanisms are 7" square with a mounting-hole pattern of .375" corner slots on 5.25" centers. The 3 degree , return model are 8" square and have a 6.5" center hole pattern. With our hardware, you can be assured of a lifetime of trouble-free use in the toughest residential environment, in your recreational area or kitchen.

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