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Memory Return Swivels

3 Degree Pitch Mechanism

7" x 7" - has 3 degree pitch
Return swivel bar stool mechanism with 3 deree pitch

Bottom View

Swivel is Fully Adjustable
Bar stool swivel bottom view
Use any standard wrench to customize your swivel tension. Swivel spring can be adjusted with 9/16" box end, open end or socket wrench. We recommend mounting the swivel with the bolt facing downward for complete access to the spring adjustment mechanism after installation.

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3 degree swivel side view
Side View

3 Degree Tilt Built Into Swivel

After 4 or 5 years of use, you will be glad you bought this high grade swivel. All swivels wear some over time regardless what anyone tells you. This high quality swivel allows you to adjust for that or to customize the amount of spring return in the stool or chair. Great Feature !

This 3 Degree Memory Return Replacement Swivel is 7" square with a mounting-hole pattern  of  5" min. to 5 7/8" max " on centers. Slotted holes allow for a wide range of hole patterns to work. Great value !

Flat Return Swivel Mechanism  

standard swivel non-return style

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